About the Instructor

The Instructor


I have been a police officer in Washington state for over 26 years.  During that time, I have held many positions that have given me a wide array of specialized training and experience.  Training is my passion and have been teaching tactics, firearms, use of force and patrol procedures for over 20 years.

I have worked  in a high crime, violent metro environment holding various positions such as patrol, narcotics/vice detective, property crimes detective, major crimes detective, Master K9 handler, and SWAT operator on the largest SWAT team in Washington state.  

I was an assistant entry team leader, advanced sniper, and team trainer.  I have instructor disciplines in 20 law enforcement related specialties.  I have also been the lead firearms, use of force and tactics trainer for two agencies and am a certified Force Science Analyst. I am also a polygraph examiner.

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Specialized Training


I have well over 5000 hours of documented training hours.  Some of that training is listed below:   

Basic Law Enforcement Academy (CJTC)

Field Training Officer Academy (CJTC) 

Clandestine Drug Lab Safety & Operations (CADRE) 

Surveillance Techniques (FBI)

Basic Collision Investigation (CJTC) 

Master K9 Handler Certification (WSPCA)

Instructor Development (CJTC)

Advanced Instructor Development (DHS)


Sniper Basic (Snipercraft)

Sniper Advanced (WSTOA)

Explosive Breaching Certified (NTOA)

WMD Hazmat Technician (DHS) 

Glock Armorer (Glock) 

Advanced M4 Armorer (Specialized Armament)

Smith M&P Pistol and Rifle Armorer

Crime Scene Investigations (CJTC) 

Practical Homicide Investigation (PHI Inc) 

Reid Method of Interview and Interrogation (Reid) 

First Level Supervision (CJTC) 

Advanced Interview & Interrogation (FBI)

Covert Lock Picking (Darby Darrow)

Marston Polygraph Academy

Post Conviction Sex Offender Polygraph Testing (American Polygraph Association)

Certified Force Science Analyst

National Incident Management System Courses (FEMA)

Instructor Certifications


Handgun Instructor (CJTC) 

Patrol Rifle Instructor (CJTC) 

Machine Gun Instructor (Singleton International)

Reality Based Training Instructor 

(Armiger Police Training Institute)

Active Shooter Instructor (NTOA)

Active Shooter Incident Management Instructor (C3 Pathways)

EVOC Instructor (CJTC)

Pursuit Immobilization Technique Instructor (CJTC)

Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings Instructor (DHS)

Chemical Munitions Instructor (NTOA)

Less Lethal Impact Weapons Instructor (NTOA)

Noise Flash Diversionary Device Instructor (NTOA)

Master Breacher Instructor (Mechanical, Thermal, Ballistic, Explosive, Rescue Saw)


Specialized Training Instructor in Firearms (CJTC)

Transit Terrorist Tactics Instructor (DHS)

Taser Instructor

Lead Use of Force Instructor