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Lethal Force for Civilians / I-1639 Certification

This course arms civilians with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to determine proper use of force, protecting your home and how to win a potentially lethal encounter. Additionally, this course discusses Washington State concealed carry laws and details regarding concealed pistol licenses (CPL's). 

 It will also serve as your I-1639 compliant certification valid for 5-years!  This course is specific to Washington State Law Initiative 1639 which goes into effect July 1, 2019.  There are several new criminal penalties associated with this initiative. 

 If you own firearms, you should attend this training to become updated on the new legal requirements.

This course will cover the required content outlined by the Washington State Attorney General.  At the completion of this course, you will receive a certificate which enables you to purchase semi-auto rifles under the new law. 

In this class, I will discuss real cases I have investigated throughout my law enforcement career. Some of these cases involve lethal force incidents from domestic violence, robberies, burglaries, gang shootings as well as shootings stemming from road rage and innocent bystanders.

The use of force by a citizen laws in Washington State are thoroughly discussed. This will include a detailed discussion on the use of lethal force. We will also discuss the differences in justified force as it pertains to persons crimes vs. property crimes.

We will also cover home and personal security strategies to help you become better prepared to protect yourself and your family.

I have been teaching lethal force to police officers for over 2 decades.  I believe in the 2nd Amendment and your right to carry.  My goal is to help you make informed decisions when it comes to self-defense.  It could keep you out of prison or save your life!


  • Washington State Laws Governing Rights of Use of Force
  • Citizens Arrest Laws
  • Open/Concealed Carry Laws
  • Determine the Proper Use of Force When Applicable 
  • Relevant Facts About Home Invasions & Residential Burglaries
  • Basic firearms safety rules;
  • Firearms and children;
  • Firearms and suicide prevention;
  • Secure gun storage to prevent unauthorized access and use;
  • Safe handling of firearms;
  • State and federal firearms laws, including transfers
  • Case studies
  • Situational Awareness of Your Home to Provide the Tactical Advantage - Winning the Confrontation
  • Security Measures for Inside and Outside the Home Including Firearm Storage
  • General Firearm Safety Skills
  • The Aftermath: When the Police Arrive

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Safety consulting for Businesses

We provide training and consulting services for businesses to keep your employees and customers safe. We will customize our services to your needs:

  • Site safety assessments
  • Active Shooter Response Training
  • Lock down procedures
  • Safety policies
  • General security / awareness practices
  • Threat recognition
  • Employee safety training