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Libertiy Training Tri-Cities is committed to arming civilians with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to determine proper use of force, protecting your home and how to win a potentially lethal encounter. Additionally, we aim to educate patrons on Washington State concealed carry laws and details regarding concealed pistol licenses (CPL's). 

At Liberty Training Tri-Cities, firearm education and safety is paramount—that’s why we are expanding our offerings to include a variety of programs and services to promote the safe handling, use and storage of firearms. We'll help you be prepared for the worst through responsible ownership practices and recommended strategies in self-defense. 

We also provide consulting services for businesses regarding safety. Check out our "Courses Offered" page to learn about these services.   

Who are we?

With over 26 years of law enforcement experience in Washington state, our courses are developed and presented by a Use of Force trainer for law enforcement officers, SWAT teams, K-9 handlers, detectives and law enforcement executives.  

We have the legal understanding and tactical know how to help you protect what is yours -- legally. 

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Liberty Training Tri-Cities

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